Magic Johnson Had a “Death Sentence”…What Happened?

magicI’ve never had the privilege of meeting Magic Johnson but we have a few things in common.

Magic is a world renown black male basketball SUPERSTAR .  I’m a little known, non-athletic white female.  So what do we have in common?

Magic and I were both diagnosed with life altering conditions.  Though mine wasn’t a “death sentence”, radical treatment was prescribed.  Both of us took the bull-by-the-horn and we opted to battle our challenges head-on.  This is the first thing that we have in common.

Although I don’t know everything about the protocol that Magic Johnson uses, I’m sure that it involves a healthy diet, exercise, a strong faith and a positive attitude.  I also know that it involves Kangen Water.  This is the second thing we have in common.  We both drink ONLY THE BEST for our health.

Magic Johnson understands the need for proper hydration and an alkaline balance. He reportedly traveled to Tlacote, Mexico for his water in the beginning of his journey.  Later he had it shipped directly to him at home. Finally, he was introduced to the highest grade (and the only medical grade) ionizer in the world so that he can produce alkalized, restructured water in the comfort of his own home.  Water from this ionizer is restructured to mirror the water found in Tlacote, Mexico.(and a few other places around the globe) known to have “healing properties” .

The last thing that we have in common is that neither of us has to travel too far to access “medicinal water”.   I’m thinking that the distance to Magic’s kitchen sink is a little farther than it is to mine but I know that he’s  up for the long haul.  Go Magic!



CLICK HERE to join me and Magic!

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