What Would YOU Do For Clean Water? Look to The Philippines For That Answer!

typhoonI can’t help but wonder what spoiled American’s would do if faced with a disaster the size of the typhoon that recently struck the Philippines.    In addition to stomping our feet and blaming our government for the problem (or the reaction time) in first place, we would rely on immediate access to a boatload of FREE bottled water to drink and to bathe/brush our teeth with and then we’d toss the bottles into the massive trash pile for somebody else to clean up along with the other debris.  At least this has been our pattern through the pint-sized disasters (compared to the Philippine disaster, that is) like Sandy and Katrina.

BUT what would if you didn’t have access to an endless supply of bottled water?   This excerpt from a recent article gives a glimpse of what it’s like to not have access to safe/clean water:

FOX NEWS – Since the typhoon hit, Danny Estember has been hiking three hours round-trip into the mountains each day to obtain what he can only hope is clean water for his five daughters and two sons.

The exhausting journey is necessary because safe water is desperately scarce in this storm-ravaged portion of the Philippines. Without it, people struggling to rebuild and even survive risk catching intestinal and other diseases that can spread if they’re unable to wash properly.

Survivors have resorted to scooping from streams, catching rainwater in buckets and smashing open pipes to obtain what is left from disabled pumping stations. With at least 600,000 people homeless, the demand is massive.

We may not be able to change the course of nature but we CAN take action to have access to clean, healthy water for our families without being dependent on big business to supply bottled water  packaged in plastic KNOWN to cause cancer.   What would you do if you didn’t have access to bottled water?

When the tsunami hit Japan an endless supply of Kangen water was brought in for the victims.  When the Chilean miners were trapped for weeks underground, Kangen water was piped into the depths so that they were sure to maintain proper hydration.  The Chilean government was so impressed with their condition that they installed Kangen ionizers on all of their navy vessels.   In the Philippines owners of Kangen ionizers are busy filling bottles to share with family and friends.

It shouldn’t take a national disaster for you to consider taking action to have access to your own healthy water at home.  The health crisis in America is disaster enough!

Although we can’t predict the future  we can make wise choices.  Relying on commercially bottled water for all of your water needs is definitely not wise.

My entire family has access to Kangen water 24/7.   We don’t rely on unhealthy bottled water AND we won’t be spending fortunes buying it for the rest of our lives.

What about you?  Do you want to be at the mercy of bottled water forever?



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