Too Cheap to Protect Your Health? You’ll Be Sorry!

Some things in life are clearly superior to others of like kind.   Here is one of my favorites.


Stradivarius violins…there are none in the world like the violins mastered by the Stradivari family in the late 1600’s.  These instruments are famous for the quality of sound they produce.   Many attribute the difference to the wood used, the region the wood came from, the environmental conditions during the growth period of the wood and the minerals used to “finish” the wood.  An original Stradivarius violin is not like any other in the world and it is deserving of the praise it receives.

I remember taking a tour of a temperature controlled private facility that houses only the finest things in the world.  This facility has armed guards 24/7 and every security measure known to mankind to protect the magnificent items stored there.  In one room was an original Stradivarius violin.  It was the only thing in this room and it had its own guard.  Carefully stored in a temperature and humidity controlled glass case this violin was gently removed from its case twice a day and played by a master violinist just to be sure that it was being cared for in the way it was intended to be and that it is maintained to “perfection” at all times.   It was a magnificent sight to see.  It’s worth?  Millions.

What’s my point?  My point is that your health is worth far more than the finest Stradivarius and yet we skimp, we cut corners,  we ignore the obvious and then freak out when the body “cries wolf” and  it quits working.  Frankly, some people are just too cheap to protect their own health.  They prefer to spend their money on indulgence instead of maintenance.   Rest assured, that precious Stradivarius would not be so special if it was not provided the finest “care”at all costs 24 four hours a day.   Your body is no different.  To maintain “perfection” you can’t continue to ignore what it needs.

We are what we breathe, what we eat and what we drink.  Quality is worth every penny you pay for it and THEN some.   Do whatever you have to do and sacrifice whatever you have to sacrifice to buy non-GMO and organic foods.   Take the highest quality supplements you can get your hands on AND last, but certainly not least, hydrate your body with the absolute healthiest water you can find.   None of these things are cheap but you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to quality products for your health.   I think you’re worth it!  Do you?



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