Cancer Classrooms? Wake up Parents!

classroomTeachers from a Malibu, California middle school are claiming that their school is making them sick.   In the past 6 months 4 teachers have been diagnosed with cancer.  Three of them have thyroid cancer and one has bladder cancer.  The teachers claim that their health was compromised  after the Santa Monica-Malibu School District hired contractors to cart 1,017 cubic yards of dirt contaminated by carcinogenic PCBs, lead and pesticides, away from the campus.  Hmm…I wonder how many years it’s been there?

Sandra Lyon, the superintendent of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, said the district hired an environmental testing company that has interviewed teachers and are working to test the school campus.  “I’ve worked in other school districts, and in fact one where there were nine teachers who had cancer, not even just other health concerns, and there was no contaminant found,” Lyon said.   How pathetic (and ignorant)!   Think again, Superintendent!  You just didn’t look far enough.  We are what we breathe, what we eat AND WHAT WE DRINK!  Did you check the water while you were at it?  I doubt it.

Although the principal  at this Malibu middle school claims that  he has received “no complaints from parents about students being ill”, it was a different story at a recent emergency school meeting where 70% of the parents confirmed that their child has migraines and other “chronic” symptoms.  There is nothing “normal” about children having migraines but it took a toxic waste scare for the parents to acknowledge that there might be an environmental cause.  Sad but true.

Let me offer advice to the parents and grandparents reading this post.  There is nothing normal (or acceptable) about epidemic cases of cancer, migraines, food allergies, autism, asthma, obesity, and so on.  We have environmental problems that aren’t going away and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stand up and take notice of every single thing your child is exposed to…air…food…WATER…radiation, etc.  There is no room for complacency when we live in a world where the cancer rate is 1 in every 2 males and 1 in every 3 females.

Your beautiful children make look healthy and carefree but they are exposed to things unseen that WILL impact their health sooner or later.  Our children are innocent victims paying the ultimate price.  Defend them!



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