Warning! They Might Lock You Up and Throw Away The Key!

prison cells

In a sleepy little town in rural Virginia an innocent woman spends day after day and year after year in prison for a crime she didn’t commit.  Diane Fleming has spent 13 years of a 50 year sentence for the murder of her husband.  There is no parole in Virginia.  Only 37 years to go.  Diane is 55 years-old.  Barring a miracle, Diane will probably die in prison.

Wife, mother, Sunday school teacher and advocate for the poor, Diane was found guilty by a jury of her peers of poisoning her husband with methanol.  Her opportunity for appeal is long gone.  Her only chance of freedom is a pardon.  I’m challenging the Governor of Virginia to look at the facts and to pardon Diane Fleming by the end of 2013.  I’m hoping you’ll join me in the fight for her freedom.

Thirteen years ago there wasn’t much being said about the dangers of Aspartame. Thirteen years ago nobody understood that excessive use of Aspartame produces methanol in the body “naturally”.  Instead, the investigation (that Diane initiated at the prompting of the coroner) pointed to a bottle of windshield washer fluid with 5-6 ounces missing.   Although windshield washer fluid does contain trace levels of methanol,  the “evidence” (the empty container of Gatorade that her husband used to mix his Creatine with the night before he became ill) showed no traces of any other chemical content found in windshield washer fluid.   Five to six ounces of washer fluid isn’t enough to kill a grown man…in fact, it is unlikely that this would be enough to small child.

The coroner wasn’t called to court to testify (how odd is that?) on the findings of the autopsy.  The same coroner was still under scrutiny for a bad call on another high-profile case at that time.  There were no expert witnesses called.   No second opinions.  Just a bottle of windshield washer fluid with 5-6 ounces missing and Diane Fleming’s fingerprints on the container.   There is nothing odd at about that.  You’d find my fingerprints on my container too.   The critical point is that the autopsy reflected much higher levels of methanol than a few ounces of washer fluid alone could possible cause.

Diane was so emotionally distraught over the sudden death of her husband (and the subsequent charges brought against her) that they found  it “necessary” to heavily medicate her throughout the trial.  The jurors were never informed that Diane was in an altered state.   When they were asked later if this fact would have made a difference in their decision, the answer was “yes!”.   Jurors went on to say that it didn’t help that Diane “sat there like a zombie and didn’t seem to care about her dead husband” throughout the trial.  Why weren’t they told?

The fact that her husband consumed 10-12 Diet Cokes every day for 20+ years topped off with a few alcoholic beverages each evening didn’t seem to have any relevance in this case whatsoever.  Aspartame was never suspect.  Kidney failure was not considered.   The coroner pointed a suspicious finger toward high levels of methanol poising and Diane is paying the ultimate price.  It’s no wonder the coroner never showed for trial.  The autopsy and the evidence don’t match the accusations.

Diane’s husband was known to be a fitness fanatic.  He drank Diet Coke to “control his weight” and he had just introduced Creatine mixed with Gatorade into his fitness protocol in his attempt to bulk up.   This “natural steroid”  draws fluids from the body directly to the muscles.   Creatine instructions for use strongly recommends LOTS of water while using this product.  He chose Gatorade, Diet Coke and alcohol.

The fact that Diane’s husband had a family history of kidney disease didn’t seem to be of any particular interest in this case.    Forty eight hours after Diane’s husband introduced Creatine in to his protocol he was dead.  His kidneys failed...he slipped into a coma and was removed from life support when he was pronounced brain-dead.

Researchers and scientists have made their independent reports available (using hospital  and autopsy records).  All who have researched this case agree that Diane’s husband paid the ultimate price for his toxic lifestyle.  Diane Fleming no more killed her husband than I did.

I’m advocating for Diane Fleming and I’m joining forces with others who believe in Diane and who are fighting for a pardon.  If you do your own research you’ll see that I am only one of hundreds of people fighting for Diane’s freedom.   I hope you’ll join us for Diane’s sake.  This could easily be you or me.  Toxicity kills and innocent people are paying the price.

Please pass this posting along to as many as possible.  Post it to your Facebook page…add it to your blog…Tweet about it and encourage others to do the same thing.   LETS MAKE THIS MESSAGE GO VIRAL!!!

Diane is a life worth fighting for.

What do you think?

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  1. Raul Rivera says:

    Hello, I would like to create a page for Mrs. Fleming can please give me permission to use this article!

    1. h2orevival says:

      Paul – ABSOLUTELY – use this blog post! I appreciate any exposure that we can give Diane Fleming! Keep fighting the fight! Diane was wrongly accused and I look forward to the day that she finds her freedom.

  2. Raul Rivera says:

    I have created the page on my website for all to see please take a moment to view and let me know what you think! http://www.foodjourneywithraul.com

    1. h2orevival says:

      Paul – can you direct me to info on Diane Fleming on your site? Thanks!

  3. j says:

    Just an FYI….of course, there is parole in VA. I am assuming you weren’t speaking generally and that what you meant was that there is on parole for convicted murderers?

    1. h2orevival says:

      That’s correct.

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