I See Dead People…

tired eyes“I See Dead People”…this famous line from the 1999 movie “The Sixth Sense” reminds me of this quote from Benjamin Franklin:

“Many people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75”

If you look closely enough at the people around you you’ll be able to relate to both of these quotes.  Our young people are rotting from the inside out and we’re standing by watching it happen.   They “die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75”.

Here is a short list of conditions wreaking havoc on the health of our young people.  All of them can be linked to toxicity and environment issues:

  • Cancer (#1 cause of death for children under the age of 14)
  • Autism strikes (1 in every 50 children)
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Gall bladder issues/surgery
  • Obesity
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression

Generation after generation of parents have proclaimed that they want “a better life” for their children than they had for themselves.  Unfortunately I don’t think that’s true for most parents anymore.  After all, if it were still true there would be a whole lot more people out here on the limb with me.   I guess they’re too busy. Without a microwave, processed meals and a bottle of water housed in a toxic container they wouldn’t be able to survive their busy schedule.   When is enough enough?

I’ve drawn a line in the sand and I’m doing everything in my power to reverse the damage that my generation has done to our young people.  I’m an outspoken advocate for our children and there are plenty of people out there who think that I might have a screw (or two) loose because of it.  Too bad.  If you won’t fight for your children and grandchildren I will.   I don’t like seeing dead people.



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