Selective Treatment or Sign of Things to Come?

pic lineI live in the Lyme Disease hub of the world.  I know dozens and dozens of people suffering from this dreadful virus.  All of them have been robbed of their quality of life.  Some of them are near death.  A few are in wheelchairs.  All of them are in the same boat in more ways that one.

Insurance companies are slowly dropping coverage for the treatment of Lyme’s Disease.  Of course they never offered coverage for alternative treatment which is the wiser path for those suffering with this virus BUT they’re now refusing to cover  traditional “mainstream medical” treatment as well.   An interesting position in a world of healthcare confusion.

My guess is that the insurance companies are feeling the financial hit of long-term Lyme treatment without results.  Years of antibiotic treatment makes no sense financially OR physically but you can count on the system to write prescriptions and to put band-aids on a bigger problem knowing they don’t have answers much less a cure.  Unfortunately, desperate people take desperate measures in hopes of restoring health and they believe the lies being told to them by the “professionals”.

Knowing that there are no cures for chronic illness makes you wonder what is yet to come in terms of healthcare and cost reductions.  I can’t help but wonder if the lack of coverage for things like chemo and radiation (and the lack of coverage for prescription drugs) will make everybody focus more on prevention.  You can’t blame a girl for dreaming.



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