Are “Reduced Calorie” Foods Killing You? You Bet They Are!

Aspartame…toxic poisoning disguised as a wonder additive for reduced calories


Much of the “blame” pertaining to the use of Aspartame is pointed toward the consumption of diet sodas.  Obviously they are a huge source of the demand problem, however, Aspartame is now found in 6,000 U.S. products and the list is growing daily.  Our latest Aspartame challenge?  Adding Aspartame to milk products to reduce calories and to  “aid in the fight against childhood obesity”.   I bet if we feed our kids a little rat poison they’d lose weight too.  Don’t look now but there is a major battle going on to avoid having to disclose Aspartame as an ingredient on milk labels.  Go figure.

There are many ways to address obesity and to limit caloric intake but toxic poisoning shouldn’t be on the list of options.  If  you STILL don’t think that Aspartame is a dangerous substance that can lead to deathly consequences you need to get your head out of the sand for the sake of the next generation (and beyond).

This is the statement of a former FDA investigator that was part of the Aspartame problem and is now working to be part of the solution:

“As an investigator, I found this hard to believe at first, that so many factors have come together to collude in such a way to allow Aspartame into our food supply.  Regardless of how I initially felt about it, the evidence is factual ….it happened.  Now we have to do something about it, because it is nothing less than MASS MURDER” 

Arthur M. Evangelista, Ph.D.
Dir. of Operations & Research – Regulatory Affairs Unit
Public Health and Medical Fraud Research Co-Operative
(A former federal investigator, U.S. Food & Drug Administration)



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