When “Charge It” Takes On New Meaning…Electrify Me!

trampoline hair

Electrified hair isn’t a phenomena…it’s just science.  When you jump on a trampoline your hair picks up extra electrons. This causes your hair stands to repel against each other (very similar to the way two positive magnets repel against each other).  Because your hair is so tightly packed, the furthest any hair can get from another hair is to stand straight up.  Incredible what extra electrons will do!

If you think its amazing to see your hair stand on end you should see what happens on the INSIDE when you add electrons to the equation!  Over time (and for various reasons) your cells lose their electrical charge.  When this happens, the cells clump together because they can no longer effectively “repel”  one another.  Unfortunately when oxygen [O2] circulates  throughout the body it steals electrons and damages the cells.  A free radical is an unbalanced oxygen molecule with an unpaired electron.  It needs another electron to be stable.

Through the ionization process water is restructured to produce a negative ORP (charge).   With a negative ORP (charge) you get lots of extra negatively charged electrons to combine with the free radicals that are formed by oxidation.  This makes them stable again and non-threatening to your cellular health.  This charge revives the cells so that they can naturally repel one another again.   The impact of drinking restructured Kangen water for cellular health far exceeds any other antioxidant protocol anywhere!  This isn’t a phenomena either… it’s just science.

If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around all of this talk about electricity you probably have trouble accepting lightning too.  Try the experiment below to eyewitness the impact of electricity on water.

Did know that you can “bend” water with electricity?

Rub a plastic comb on the carpet or through your hair many times.  Hold it close to a small stream of water coming out of the faucet.  The static electricity will bend the stream of water.  If this experiment does not work, try a different plastic comb, or try rubbing it longer or on something else, and try again.  (Not a phenomena…it’s just science).



CLICK HERE to super charge your water!

NOTE:  My Enagic SD501 will produce a charge at the rate of 268,000 per unit.  The closest competitor produces 6,400 per unit.  If you’re going to invest in your cellular health don’t skimp!

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