Forget Socially Unacceptable…We Need To Talk About This!


Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and well known medical correspondent to CNN recently wrote an article entitled Diagnosing and Managing IBS.  My discomfort with this article runs a close second to the discomfort that stems from your IBS.

“Irritable bowel syndrome is the most common gastrointestinal disorder, affecting 35 million Americans. Yet “IBS is misunderstood by a lot of people,” said Satish Rao, MD, chief of gastroenterology and hepatology and director of the Digestive Health Center at Georgia Regents University. “It’s gotten better within the last decade, but it can be a category where we group a lot of patients whose symptoms we don’t understand.”

Thirty five (35)  million (MORE THAN 10% of the US population) suffer from IBS?  It would be very interesting to know how many suffer with symptoms of IBS but have not been officially diagnosed.  Now that’s a scary thought.

Dr. Gupta’s article inspired me to research causes and cures for common colon related issues and here is what I found:

What causes IBS?  It’s not clear what causes IBS and there is no known cure.

What causes Crohn’s Disease?  It’s not clear what causes Crohn’s Disease and there is no known cure.

What causes Diverticulitis?  It is not clear what causes Diverticulitis and there is known cure.

I’m not a physician and I’m not an expert (or a victim) of colon issues but I know who is.   Dr. Hiromi Shinya is considered to be the leading colon specialist in the world.   If you have colon issues you are likely well aware of who he is.  Dr. Shinya is the creator of the Shinya Method which revolutionized non-invasive colon surgery and he is the author of The Enzyme Factor.   Dr. Shinya  is from Japan where prevention is given more emphasis than “cures”.  He stresses the importance of prevention and maintenance through PROPER diet AND he highly recommends the use of LOTS and LOTS of water that has medicinal properties. Not tap, not Dasani, not Brita-filtered,  not Penta but water with true (and scientifically proven) medicinal properties.   Dr. Shina has numerous videos available online that show the difference in the colon when medicinal water is used as part of routine colon therapy.  The improvements are astounding.

The choice is yours.  Maybe drinking medicinal water seems far too simple for you but I assure you, if I was doubled over in pain and planning life around where the closest bathroom is, I would look beyond surgery and prescriptions and listen to the leading colon specialist.   What do you have to lose besides pain and agony?



CLICK HERE for water with medicinal properties

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