Bugs Don’t Need Chemical Warfare…They Just Need to go Away!

bugsIn the “olden days” people lived without toxic bug sprays.  Obviously bugs and mice didn’t take over the earth for the lack of poison.  It amazes me to see people casually spray chemicals around their children without a thought in the world about the underlying damage they’re doing to the kids in an effort to kill the bugs.

Here are a few natural remedies that work at least as well as those toxins. Try them and stop carelessly exposing the kids!


Apparently mosquitoes can’t stand the sight of themselves in the mirror (I don’t blame them). Create reflective surfaces by filling zip-top bags with water, and hanging them on your porch, patio or deck.  Another option is to hang reflective wind chimes.   It really works!  See…they aren’t as smart as you thought they were!


These disgusting creatures  have a keen sense of smell and they can find their way to whatever is edible.  Fill the spaces where you’re having mice trouble with a scent they just can’t stand…peppermint!  Soak some cotton balls in quality peppermint oil (needs to be full strength) and leave them wherever you find evidence and along doorways and walls they travel.


Flies don’t like basil, which works out well since they tend to show up in the summer.  Plant away and keeps flies at bay.  Keep a few basil plants in your kitchen window and enjoy using the fresh herb while you fend off those pesty flies!


Ants are put off by the strong scent of cinnamon and cayenne pepper, so sprinkle those spices on thresholds, doorways and on any nests or where there are  high concentrations.  They’ll head out for more appealing territory in no time.

General Purpose Pest Deterrent

Eucalyptus oil is a great general pest deterrent.  Mix the oil with a quart of clean water and shake thoroughly in a spray bottle.  Spritz around doorways, vents, windows and anywhere else you’ve seen pests enter your home.  You can also mist this spray around your legs to deter ticks and “stink bugs” HATE this concoction.



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