Bottled Water Concept…”Older Than The Hills”

—antique water bottleDid you know that bottled water predates America’s independence?  In 1767 bottled water was sold for medicinal purposes by Jackson’s Spa in Boston for $1.75 a pint.  That was a LOT of money back then!  Obviously earlier settlers understood that water isn’t “just water” and they were willing to pay the price for good health.  Of course, they weren’t blindly dependent on pharmaceuticals back then either.


It’s a whole different story today.  American’s will buy anything if you put the right spin on it.  They’ll buy bottle after bottle  of commercially bottled water (to the tune of $640 per person/per year on the average) in spite of the fact that it is nothing more than de-chlorinated tap water.  Strangely, the same people spending fortunes on bottled water every year will go on to argue that “water is just water”.  I’m not sure why they’re buying bottled water if they really believe that one.

Clearly these folks  wouldn’t give a second thought to water for “medicinal purposes”.   Ha!   It looks more like we’re DIgressing instead of PROgressing to me.  The “spin” is working like a charm!

If you think that all of the talk about water is confusing, you’ll love this Webinar entitled “What’s the Big Deal About Water?”  This will be an enlightening call.   Turn off your TV and join us!

 Register here:


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