Erin Brockovich Knows A Thing or Two About Water…What Kind Does SHE Drink?

Erin Brockovich was key in the discovery of contaminated ground water that was proven to have been the cause of cancer and reproductive problems with a vast number of Hinkley, CA residents.  The 1993 case against Pacific Gas & Electric was recognized as the largest settlement of its kind in US history. Although a price cannot be put on human life and health,  justice was served.  Erin Brockovich has become quite an expert on water and water contaminants.

So, what does a “water expert” like Erin Brockovich drink?  Nothing but the best, of course!  The purest, healthiest water she can get her hands on…Kangen Water.  Go Erin!  I think that it’s safe to assume  that Erin made an educated decision when she purchased her water system.   Anything less from her when it comes to water is unimaginable!

Erin is an advocate for water conservation and works hard to raise awareness about water shortages across the globe.  With her Kangen Water ionizer Erin is able to filter and RESTRUCTURE her tap water into the finest water on the planet!  There is no need to fear tap water if you have the right water system on your side!

Erin is also an environmental advocate  and she refuses to add to the plastic water bottle crisis around the world.  Here is her winning  recipe:

1 glass/stainless container + Kangen Water = GREEN/RESPONSIBLE Water



CLICK HERE to learn more about Erin’s water!

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