Uh Oh…Be Sure to Nourish Your Brain Cells!


There are trillions and trillions of cells in the human body and each one has a finite lifespan.   I have heard it said that every seven years or so all cells are replaced by new cells.  If that’s true, shouldn’t we all be living in a perpetual state of youth and good health?  Maybe not, but it sure seems like our energy levels and brain-power would be sustained throughout our entire lifespan if we were recycled from the inside out every 7 years.

Human cells absolutely have a finite life span and when they die off most of them are replaced with new cells.  Even after the body dies,  it takes hours before all of the body cells die.   This is a key component to forensic investigation when  determining the time  (and cause) of death.

Not all cells are on the same track for replacement.  Red blood cells live approximately four months, while white blood cells live on average more than a year.  Skin cells live about two or three weeks.  The colon cells are not as long-living…they die off after about 4 days.

Interestingly, although some scientists are striving to prove otherwise, most scientists believe that brain cells (neurons in the cerebral cortex) last an entire lifetime because cells in the cerebral cortex are not replaced when they die.  The cerebral cortex encompasses about two-thirds of the brain mass and it plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language and consciousness.  With this in mind (no pun intended) it  only makes sense to do everything possible to protect the cerebral cortex!  Not only because of the role it plays in our ability to function, but because the cells of the cerebral cortex are apparently the only ones you’re ever going to get!

What can you do to protect the cerebral cortex?  One simple, yet impactful step that you can take to protect your brain (and all of the rest of you) is to sustain efficient hydration with healthy water.  It is reported that if you are dehydrated by as little as 1% you lose 10% brain capacity.  Clearly the brain doesn’t have much room for negotiation.

Attempting to hydrate your body (and brain) with Diet Coke or coffee makes no sense whatsoever.  Attempting to hydrate your body (and brain) with water laced with chemicals makes no sense whatsoever.   It’s true that won’t die of thirst as long as you’re taking in fluids of some kind but your body will rebel eventually.  Your cells NEED  healthy water and they deserve the very best whether you are willing to accept that fact or not.

If you don’t believe that there is a difference in water then we need to talk.  I have the science to back it up and I’d love to prove you wrong.

Bottoms-up Boomers!



CLICK HERE if  hydrating the brain is important to you

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