How Smart is YOUR Kid? Measurable Improvement!

Parents all across America are pushing their kids to be the very best that they can be.  They are striving for  excellence like never before.  From the National Honor Society to All Star athletics  in hopes of having the brightest possible future and the promise of a future college scholarship.  Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of getting their kids to “the top of their game”, they are overlooking a vital component.

kid drinking water

This study entitledWhat is the cell hydration status of healthy children in the USA? Preliminary data on urine osmolality and water intake conducted by Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Oakland, CA reveals something that every parent should know.

This study focused on children between the ages of 9 and 11 years old  There were 337 children from LA and 211 children from NYC and all were considered to be  healthy enough to go to school that day.  Families were instructed to go about the morning as usual with no change to diet or fluids.  Urine samples were collected on each child prior to going to school.   The study showed that an alarming number of children (84%) were in a state of voluntary dehydration at the beginning of the school day.  Seventy five percent of them reportedly did not consume water at all as part of their normal protocol.

Various tests were performed throughout the day that focused on cognitive performance while in a state of  dehydration and cognitive performance after consuming water.  The results were startling.  Here is the “bottom line:

“In conclusion, our results indicate that even under conditions of mild dehydration, NOT AS A RESULT OF EXERCISE, intentional water deprivation or heat exposure, children’s COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE can be improved by adding a drink of water

Similar performance studies have been conducted by the military over the years to gauge the ability of soldiers to perform under harsh circumstances but this is the first study of its kind conducted on healthy children. By the way, the study was repeated on a group of 6-7 year olds and the conclusions were the same.  Most of them were in a state of voluntary dehydration AT THE BEGINNING of the school day and they all showed cognitive improvement just by adding water.

Its time to slow down and to stop fooling ourselves.  NO OTHER FLUIDS take the place of water AND the body needs lots of it.   Back in my day, this was a loud and clear message.  Today, most people “poo-poo” the need for water and opt to “hydrate” with their own drink-of-choice.  Apparently parents are passing along these bad habits to the kids too.   As far as I’m concerned, withholding water from a child probably ought to be on a child neglect list somewhere.  After all, the long term consequences of dehydration can be deadly.

If you’re racing toward the finish line of excellence and potential future scholarships, you might want to consider the obvious…your child needs to be hydrated WITH WATER.  If you want the best OUT of your child you need to be putting the best IN to your child…the garbage in – garbage out theory applies here too.   While you’re at it, make sure you’re giving them the best water that  money can buy.  There is no need to hydrate with water that’s doing more harm than good in the long run.

Bottoms up!



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