Lyme Disease…Fighting For Your Life? The System Says “Too Bad”

I live in a Lyme disease hot spot and I know dozens of people that have been robbed of good health because of it.  Some of them deal with chronic pain and fatigue.  Some of them can’t function at all.  I’ve known of teenagers sentenced to a wheel chair and I’ve known of young adults (temporarily) admitted to mental health facilities prior to being diagnosed with chronic Lyme.  Lyme is a real disease and it is a real problem.

Unfortunately, in the scramble for answers and treatments, it has become a financial burden for insurance companies and they are threatening to call off support for treatment.   Although I understand the desperation in the journey to restore health, it makes no sense why physicians would prescribe antibiotic therapy week after week, month after month and year after year.  Its no wonder people aren’t getting “better” and its no wonder the insurance companies are calling “time out”.

The following statement from one of the leading Lyme experts should make you go “hmm” if you have any experience with this nasty disease and the approach that mainstream medical takes:

Gary Wormser, professor of medicine and Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at New York Medical College in Valhalla who helped write the Lyme disease guidelines for the Infectious Diseases Society of America:  These are edited answers to questions posed to him by the Times Herald-Record.

“These are the facts: Chronic Lyme is an ill-defined term. To some it is the diagnosis for anyone with unexplained subjective complaints such as fatigue. Positive lab tests are not required to diagnose it and antibiotic treatment is indefinite.

Tick exposure is not required. If you feel better on antibiotics that supports the diagnosis, if you feel worse on antibiotics that supports the diagnosis as you are feeling worse because the (bacteria) are dying. If you feel the same, that also is consistent with the diagnosis because chronic Lyme is hard to treat … Most cases of chronic Lyme have never had Lyme.

For early Lyme, antibiotic treatment is given for about 14 days, for late Lyme, which usually means Lyme arthritis, the treatment is four weeks.

If four weeks of oral does not resolve Lyme arthritis, then we treat with either another four-week course of oral antibiotics or with a 2- to 4-week course of IV. For patients with chronic Lyme who really don’t have (the Lyme) infection, there is no role for antibiotics.

I have no right to critique individuals for their chosen protocol because I haven’t walked in their shoes (thank God) but  I DO have the right (and responsibility) to speak up about a system that is clearly broken and a people who have been robbed of life and seemingly have no good answers.

Most of my Lyme friends have abandoned the mainstream medical approach and have opted for homeopathic remedies.  Some because their condition has worsened and it doesn’t make sense to continue down a path that has failed them.  Others because they can’t afford to continue.   All of them believe that the body needs to detox (or flush out)  the virus in order to restore the health.  Clearly antibiotics have no role here.  In fact, long-term use of antibiotics worsens the problem by destroying the body’s natural immune system.  Something that mainstream medical forgets to mention as they’re writing prescriptions.

Although I couldn’t begin to list the natural therapies being used (its too long and I’m no expert) I CAN attest to the drastic improvement that Lyme disease victims are seeing when they include a Kangen Water protocol.  This restructured water is just what “the doctor ordered” when it comes to aiding the body in flushing out this stubborn virus and getting the body back in balance.  I’ve been eye-witness to changed lives and restored health attributed solely to this unique water protocol.

Does that sound like nonsense to you?  If you (or someone you know and love) had chronic Lyme you’d try anything to restore your health and you’d be pleasantly surprised at how, just by changing your water, you can profoundly change your life.   For those of you underestimating the POWER of healthy water, you simply don’t have an understanding or appreciation for what the human body really needs…no offense intended.

I’m happy to provide FREE Kangen Water just so that you can experience the power of healthy water for yourself.  What do you have to lose?

Hang in there Lyme warriors!   There is a light at the end of the tunnel.



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  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you. Glad to come across another weapon to help me succeed in this battle.

    1. h2orevival says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re battling Lyme. I would like to discuss the details of how ionized, alkalized water can aid you in your recovery. Please email your availability @ Blessings.

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