Multi-Purpose Soft Drink OR Toxic Waste In A Bottle?

The original Mountain Dew was introduced in the 1940’s with the slogan:

“Ya-Hoo!  Mountain Dew. It’ll tickle your innards.”

I snagged this clip from FaceBook and it boggles the mind to think that anyone would consider drinking something that has the ability to glow in the dark.

Bottoms up Boomers!

mountain dew

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  1. Bev Clark says:

    Wow, it would be hard to be a parent today in light of all of the misconceptions we have grown up with. We have to get back to basics and eat unprocessed good whole foods and water.

    1. h2orevival says:

      You are right about that! Its not too late to make changes for the next generation.

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