For My Anti-Coffee Friends…This One’s For You!

coffeeA study conducted by researchers in Japan followed 83,000 people and determined that  coffee and green tea drinkers suffered fewer strokes than everyone else.  Since Japan is #1 for health and longevity in the world, I think that we stand to learn a few things from them!

Some speculate that coffee and green tea may have properties that keep the blood from clotting.  Personally, I think that they’re good for the soul and that partakers have less stress.  At least I’d like to think so.   Coffee is my “comfort food” and I’m not likely to give it up without a HUGE fight though my friends have tried to convince me otherwise.  This study is music to my ears.

I recognize that too much of a good thing can be bad for you so I’m careful not to go into coffee overload like I did in my younger years.  I make my coffee with restructured alkaline water to reduce the acidity and I drink it black.  Of course, my “habit” means that I have to drink even MORE water than my body  needs because coffee is a natural diuretic, but since I drink Kangen Water (something else I’ve learned from the Japanese health community) that’s hardly a bad thing.

Bottoms up coffee drinkers!  Things are looking good!

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