If You Buy One More Morsel of Food From China You’re Out of Your Mind!

dont buy chinaI don’t want to beat a dead  horse but I don’t mind speaking up (again) about  6,600 dead pigs dumped in the water supply in China.  Officials believe that these pigs have been dumped due to a recent crackdown on selling diseased pigs aka tainted pork.  What a great solution!  Dump the diseased pigs in the water supply!  These same officials  claim that “the water supply is not at risk” in spite of the fact that there are over 6,000 diseased carcasses floating downstream to the locals and their crops.  Do you want your family to consume anything from a place that would lie about such obvious contamination?

I’m no rocket scientist but I don’t believe for one minute that dumping 6600 (the count is rising daily) diseased pigs in the water supply won’t have long-term negative consequences for anyone or anything in contact with that water.  Consequences that will absolutely compromise the food sold to the US by China.

Are you appalled that China would gloss over issues that would harm their own people?   I don’t know why.  You continue to drink municipal water laced with (up to) 300 chemicals KNOWN to cause cancer because our government tells you it is “safe” to drink.    Better yet, you spend your hard-earned dollars on bottled water when it has been proven that the chemicals in the bottles are TOXIC and are wreaking havoc on the health of your children.  Why?  Because your government tells you that is “safe” to drink too.  Sound familiar?

I recognize the importance of water and I don’t put my family in harm’s way if I can help it.   I don’t believe that there is a price that can be put on health so we don’t skimp.   We make our own restructured water right in the comfort of our home using THE BEST ionizer that money can buy.   A one time, LIFETIME investment.  I sleep better at night because of it and I don’t worry about chemicals or diseased pigs.

If you’d like to look at options…contact me.  Otherwise, buy local and pray hard.



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