Ca-Ching…The Price Paid For Consumer Brain Wash

Grocery-storeEVER WONDER WHY YOUR FAVORITE items can no longer be found at the local supermarket?   Blame it on a new world order in the $460 billion grocery industry.  Buried by new-product offerings, not just from giants like Procter & Gamble but from upstarts, mega-chain grocery retailers like Kroger and Safeway are seizing control of their aisles as never before.  They are on a mission for us to buy their goods and they’ll pay the price to get our business.

“Slotting fees” extracted from food manufacturers just to get their goods on the shelf are running at a level of $1 billion a year.    On top of that manufacturers pay some $25 billion a year in “trade dollars” to get retailers to promote and discount their products. In 1978 manufacturers spent 5% of sales on trade promotions; today it’s up to 13%.  The price paid for consumer brain wash.

Not only do we not have any control over the contents in the food that we’re eating but we have no control over the hidden fees that are being added to our tab.  Just another reason to go “home-grown” and to buy local whenever possible.   Fresh food that you can trust and prices without hidden fees.  I’ll vote for that!



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