Baby Boomers…Don’t Count On Feeling Thirsty

You probably don’t have any trouble drinking water when you’re thirsty BUT do you drink water when you’re not?  Unless you make a conscious decision to hydrate you probably don’t.

We rely on the sense of thirst to let us know when we need to add fluids in the same way that most of us  rely on “idiot lights” on the dashboard of our cars to let us know when something’s wrong.  Unfortunately, we can’t count on either.

Not only is the sense of thirst the body’s warning signal that we’re CHRONICALLY dehydrated, but as we age we lose our sense of thirst altogether.  Is it any wonder that nursing homes are filled with dehydrated elderly people?  In case you’ve ever visited a nursing home and commented on “the smell”, rest assured that “smell” comes from the odor of strong urine…a consequence of chronic dehydration.  With no sense of thirst and nobody pushing fluids it should come as no surprise that the elderly are chronically dehydrated (right along with a lot of other misinformed people much younger than they are). I can still remember trying to encourage my mother to drink and I can still hear her saying “I’m not thirsty”.

Consider this a warning…thirsty or not DRINK UP.  The consequences of dehydration go well beyond feeling parched.  Dehydration leads to inflammation…inflammation leads to chronic disease.   A huge price to pay when there is such a simple step to take to avoid the consequences, don’t you think?

Bottoms up Boomers!



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