Senior Citizens Denied CPR? Put Your Seat Belt on Baby Boomers!

CPRA nurse at a senior living facility in Bakersfield, CA refused to perform CPR on a resident in crisis.  According to a 911 tape released, the woman told the dispatcher that she was a nurse at Glenwood Gardens, a senior living facility in Bakersfield, CA. But the nurse refused to give the woman CPR as directed by the dispatcher, saying it was “against the facility’s policy” for staff to do so.  Instead they watched her suffer and ultimately die.  What kind of nurse would work for a company that refuses to allow her to put her nursing skills to work in a crisis situation?  I’m willing to bet that the family of those residents have no idea that mom or dad would be refused treatment in the midst of a medical emergency.

There isn’t much about  “the system” that shocks me anymore but hearing that 911 call and the calm, cold voice of the nurse in charge surely did.  Another classic example of how our system is designed to treat the symptoms but NOT to save lives.

In case you’re wondering why I’ve posted this message on what is otherwise a wellness awareness blog, rest assured there is a huge message here.

We need to take our blinders off and start taking control of our own destiny.  In addition to being more aware of what care is (or is not) available to you and your loved ones, its time to focus on how to maintain your health instead of relying  on a system that is clearly broken.

Read the fine print and do a reality check.  Clearly there are procedures and pills that are not what we think they are.



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