A Presidents Day Gift To You…Wellness Protocol Revealed

george washington

Dr. Gerald Bresnahan, has served as the regional on-call cardiologist for the US Presidents, the Pope, the Queen of England and many visiting dignitaries.  Dr. Bresnahan has dedicated his life to the prevention of heart disease.   Here is one wellness protocol that he recommends to ALL of his patients:

“We have understood the importance of alkalizing diets for decades, but we have been unsuccessful in getting our patients to eat a perfectly alkaline diet because we cannot eat enough alkaline foods to keep our bodies alkaline.  To have something that changes the pH of the body from acid to alkaline based on something we are already doing, that is drinking water, we can get people alkaline very easily.

Hundreds of thousands of our patients have seen remarkable result from drinking Kangen medical grade water.

We are doing our part in bringing this technology to the medical community in the U.S. because Kangen Water is revolutionizing the health, fitness and wellness of our nation.  This is going to be a great thing for everyone and will change the lives for millions of people.” – Gerald Bresnahan, MD, FACC and Cardiologist to Presidents

The list of dignitaries, celebrities and professional athletes who drink Kangen water is growing and growing.  Don’t you deserve the best too?



CLICK HERE for info on WATER fit for Kings!

PS    The good news of this amazing technology is spreading like wildfire and I am recruiting energetic, compassion people who desire to make a difference in the lives of others.  If interested in joining me on this quest please contact me!

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