Food Fraud? Should Be Enough To Start a Food Fight!

olive oilFood fraud is  a HUGE issue worldwide and you could be in the line of fire without knowing it.  Inspired by greed, many manufacturers are cutting corners and deceiving the consumer by adding undisclosed fillers or replacing key ingredients altogether.  With a challenging economy this problem has only just begun as manufacturers battle the shrinking food budget.   Not only is deceit enough to start a food fight with consumers, it could also be dangerous to unsuspecting consumers with allergies to ingredients added and not disclosed.

Here is a short list of common fraudulent food products:

  • Exta virgin olive oil: often diluted with cheaper oils
  • Pomegranate juice mixed with other juice, water and sugar
  • Coffee:  twigs,  roasted corn, ground roasted barley
  • Lemon juice: cheapened with water and sugar
  • Honey:  sugar syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, and beet sugar
  • Fish: Escolar mislabeled as white tuna or albacore
  • Tea: diluted with lawn grass or fern leaves
  • Spices:  paprika and saffron with  food coloring that mimic the colors

If you’re trusting the FDA to “protect” you and your family you need a new plan.  The FDA encourages you to drink municipal water laced with up to 300 cancer causing chemicals.  They give you the official “thumbs up” to toxic bottled water and then argue its safety.  Why in the world would you trust them to be bothered with fraudulent food with filler ingredients?

Take control over what you’re eating and drinking.  Stop buying processed foods and buy local whenever possible.  Stop contributing to “safe” water fraud by buying bottled water stored in toxic bottles by making your own SAFE ionized, alkaline,  restructured water.  Your family will thank you for it.



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