If it’s THAT toxic why are we sharing it with our kids?

RED FLAG!  There is something VERY wrong with this picture.  If  we are warned that toothpaste is harmful if accidentally swallowed by children under the age of 6 years and IF accidental swallowing requires a call to a Poison Control Center then why in the world are we sharing it with our kids???

One-by-one and little-by-little we MUST take action to eliminate some of the environmental hazards effecting our children.  Take the time to read the labels and take the initiative to look for healthy options.  Our children and grandchildren deserve it!



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  1. Jack Stagman says:

    What tooth paste should we use that is safe?


    1. h2orevival says:

      You should check with your local health food store for healthy options. I am not endorsing products BUT this is a good option if you’re interested: http://www.tomsofmaine.com

      1. tara rae says:

        Tom’s is my least favorite.It took Tom’s forever to rid their toothpaste of Sodium Laurel Sulf. and the like, I like Desert Essence better. Go to Whole Food Super mkts. and you will find a great selection.

    2. tara rae says:

      Sadly I say parents give toothpaste that is mostly hype because it’s cheap and these Mfg. advertise on t.v.. The health minded mfg. use their money on research not advertisement, except in health mag. So don’t go for cheap (means inferior) Go for pay now and save on future Dental bills. It’s so worth it. And that includes better toothbrushes now made from bristles also made from Chemicals we don’t need storing in our already toxic livers.

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