Our Babies Pay The Price For “Convenience”

If “water is just water” why are we bottling mineral-free distilled water in BPA bottles with warning labels about consulting your physician about the use of fluoride?   I guess this is the price we pay for convenience.  Don’t look now folks but “convenience” is wreaking havoc on our health.   Read what  the National Institute of Health Presidential Cancer Panel reports on environmental risks and cancer across America.   WARNING!  You WILL be inspired to make changes in your lifestyle that may not be “convenient”.

Here is the definition of “nursery” water provided by one manufacturer:

Nursery® Water uses DISTILLED WATER as its base. Distilled water is produced by filtering source water through sand and activated carbon to remove chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor, as well as sediment and trihalomethanes. This filtered water is converted to steam in a stainless steel distiller. Dissolved contaminants are left behind as the water is vaporized and condensed. The water is then bottled after being filtered through one-micron filters and ozonated.  Finally, fluoride in the amount of up to 0.7 ppm is added.

 Do not store Nursery® Water in direct sunlight

As for me?  My family deserves the best.  We make our own medical grade Kangen Water right in the convenience of our own homes.  We’re healthier for it and we’ve stopped contributing to the plastic water bottle contamination.



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  1. sherri hardy says:

    Your article really raised awareness & people should be more aware of environmental issues. Major diseases are gaining momentum. Also, I work with disabled students and am amazed with all the ADD, Autism, skin maladies, food & other allergies, MS, asthma, etc. All of these conditions & more are prevalent in just the middle school where I work. 30 years ago this was not the situation. So, where are we choosing to go with our health? Water is a big part of the solution & reducing plastics another. Thanks for raising awareness. Sherri

    1. h2orevival says:

      Sherri – thanks for your feedback. It is very disturbing to see what we’ve done to our children (and our own health) by turning a blind eye to the problem. I have only tuned in to reality in the past couple of years and NOW I’m an advocate for children’s health specifically regarding environmental issues. You see first hand what we are up against and “NO” it was NOT like that 30 years ago. I grow weary hearing people excuse the situation by saying that we just didn’t have the technology to diagnose the issues 30 years ago. Give me a break!!!!

      Did you click on the link for the government report referenced in this blog posting? If so, pay close attention to the “Conclusions” – I believe on page 111.

      Do you drink Kangen water? If not, I need to share info with you. You, your family and those kids need it!


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