If You Believe That Water is “Just Water” You Are CLEARLY in Denial!

This diagram shows water cluster molecules and a water crystal from Lourdes, France known for its “healing properties” (top left. )

If you believe that water is “just water” then why do so many people refuse to drink out of the tap?  If you believe water is “just water” then why are Americans spending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year buying bottled water in toxic bottles?  If you believe that water is “just water” why does your stomach turn when the dog drinks out of the toilet?  Wake up!  Water is NOT “just water”!

Below is an excerpt from a fascinating article written about cellular voltage.  Read on to learn more about the important qualities of water and  the critical  differences:

By Judith Van Cleave, Echo Newspaper, Charlottesville, VA

Increase your Cellular Voltage with Water

Water in its truly natural form, flowing down from glacial mountains, hitting rocks and flowing rapidly through waterways, naturally creates a restructured water. This water is high in free-floating negative hydrogen ions, is alkaline, has valuable minerals and is micro-clustered (which reduces the surface tension of the water). This term was created by Dr. Patrick Flanigan who had taken over the 40-year research by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Coanda. He became intrigued with the drinking water in the Hunza land high in the Karkorum Mountains, just north of Pakistan, where the typical life span is 120 to 140 years. The properties of this water are the same as those of the Healing Springs of Lourdes and other healing springs in the world. For over 38 years, these properties have been re-created technologically in Japan and widely used in their hospitals with phenomenal health results. Video files available for review on request. This same technology is now available in the home with the leading ionizer in the world being Enagic’s SD501, producing Kangen Water™ (the only ionizer ISO-certified as a medical device).



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