Your Tap Water Minus The Chemicals…yum!

The chemicals sure make your water LOOK better…but is it?


CLICK HERE to find out how!

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  1. Wow that makes you think! What are we really drinking?

  2. NCL says:

    We can’t really trust the water especially in the city.. the pipes under we don’t know, how long been there, the rust, the germs, bacteria, chemicals, many-things….if we can only see it in the microscopes everyday… ohhhh…I might not able to sleep, just to think, where is our water comes from, I mean what is the sourse,- river?,

    1. h2orevival says:

      City water comes from recycled sewage. City water is flushed or goes down the drain then back to the waste water treatment plant…laced with hundreds of chemicals and then back to the tap. Lovely. Don’t be fooled…bottled water IS city water minus chlorine. It is NOT tested…just bottled and sold to the unsuspecting.

      My source is from a well BUT even that is subject to ground water contamination and pesticides that drain into the soil. My entire family drinks water that has been “created” through a Kangen water system…purified…high pH and minerals…micro clustered. I don’t go anywhere without my machine so that I can “treat” my water where I go. Scary isn’t it?

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