Mercury Poisoning? Bring it on!

When I was a kid our temperature was taken with a simple glass thermometer. There weren’t dozens of options…just one. I can still remember how how paranoid my poor mother was for us to even TOUCH the thermometer for fear that it would break and that we’d “be exposed to mercury”. That almost makes me laugh now. Today we don’t seem quite so paranoid about mercury. Just in case you don’t think that you have any exposure to mercury, think again. It’s nearly impossible to avoid that one!

Anyone who has ever received a vaccine has most likely been injected with mercury through Thimerosal. Thimerosal is a mercury-containing “organic compound” that has been used since the 1930s as a preservative in a number of biological and drug products, including vaccines. Although attempts have been made in recent years to reduce the level of Thimerosal used in vaccines (due to the controversy surrounding vaccines and autism), it is still being used throughout the medical community on a routine basis. Mercury in the body will remain there until/unless it is purposefully flushed out. How scary is that?

You may be pondering your own vaccines and perhaps you believe that YOU haven’t had any ill effects of mercury. What’s the big deal, right? Don’t think for a minute that the mercury in your body is harmless. You may not be aware of the damage its causing but rest assured, it isn’t harmless. Furthermore, mercury is being passed on to our children through the embryonic fluid right along with mercury from our (older) tooth fillings and from other sources not yet known to us. According to the report prepared by the Presidential Cancer Panel in 2008-2009, “babies are born pre-polluted”!   And we wonder why America is at epidemic levels for disease?

Many of the pesticides used by commercial farmers contain legally authorized traces of mercury. Of course!  We’ll do anything for perfect, colorful, insect free veggies even if it does poison us! There are a number of studies that indicate that the “gluten free” craze has been triggered by wheat laced with mercury. Even when attempts are made to “go organic”, it is reported that mercury can remain in the plants/seeds for up to 3 generations. It’s even hard to rid the plant world of poisoning!

Mercury poisoning is a REAL problem for EVERYONE. There are a few things that you can do to reduce risk to yourself and your family:

1. Wake up! Be aware of environmental risks!
2. Think twice…avoid exposure!
3. Flush it out! This is serious business. ASK US HOW if you don’t know!

It’s never too late to make changes to improve your health. Do it for yourself and for the generations to come! Pay it forward.


CLICK HERE to find out how!

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  1. Flushing it out – I’d love information.

    1. h2orevival says:

      I am so excited that you want more information! I’m on a mission to get the word out…I’m an advocate for children regarding environmental issues and I’m also a warrior! I’ve visited your blog as well…I’m very impressed. I love your heart and your passion. Keep up the good work!

      You are a military mom? What branch? I’ m the mother of 4 – grandmother of 1. My oldest is a military wife (USAF) and her husband is currently stationed in Qatar. My youngest son is also USAF and has just returned from Afghanistan. Thanks for your service!

      I began to get very serious about our national health crisis and environmental issues about 2 years ago. With the current cancer rate being 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females…with the rate of autism now being 1 in 88 (1 in 68 on military bases)…I drew a line in the sand and I vowed to do whatever I can do make a difference. So far I’m making some pretty good progress and I have found out some VERY interesting things along the way. For instance, we have known the CAUSE of cancer (and every other disease) since 1923 but “we” don’t focus on prevention we focus on trillions of dollars on treatment while we search for a cure. I’d rather not get it in the first place! The simple answer to the cause is that there is too much acid in our bodies. Very much like a fish bowl…we need to maintain an alkaline environment in order to flush out acidic waste BUT everything from the food that we eat to THE WATER THAT WE DRINK is very acidic. Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment..period. It thrives in an acidic environment. As the book title implies “Alkaline Or Die”. We can’t possibly consume enough alkaline foods to accomplish the goal. The answer…Kangen Water. (I am a supplier and happy to provide more info on this).

      Another VERY interesting thing I’ve discovered is that the U.S. Cancer Panel, National Institute of Health produced a study entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk” and it states that BOTH MALE AND FEMALE need to detox of all chemicals and pesticides prior to conception. This implies (because it is both male and female) that there are risks of disruption of DNA due to the toxins we are all exposed to. How do you detox or flush it out? First, something you are clearly doing already, you “stop the bleeding” by limiting your exposure by going organic, etc. whenever possible. Second, you give your body a fighting chance by flushing out with pure Kangen Water which is ionized, alkaline, hexagonal water similar in nature to what is found naturally in Lourdes, France and the Hunza Valley in Pakistan.

      I work very closely with Dr. Corrine Allen, a leading expert on alternative measures for autism (and other brain related challenges). I am happy to provide links for review upon request. You will LOVE this woman. Her firstborn was asphyxiated at birth…1/2 of her brain was dead as a result. Dr. Allen made it her life mission to develop technicques that would “rewire” the brain…basically forcing the brain to compensate for the loss, hence leading to a “normal” life. Today her daughter is a college graduate and is leading a wonderful, full life, thanks to her passionate, dedicated, brilliant mom. Modern medicine would have discarded her as a lost cause. Dr. Allen has broadened and improved upon her program and she has worked “miracles” for many. ONE OF THE PREDOMINANT FACTORS IN HER THERAPY is Kangen Water to detox heavy metals and toxins and to adequately hydrate the brain. Did you know that if the brain is even 1% dehydrated we lose 10% capacity? When you learn more about this protocol it will blow your mind. Just when you thought that water was just water 🙂

      I could write a book (actusally working on one) on this very topic. After you have read this email (assuming I haven’t bored you to tears by rambling on) I will gladly send more links, etc. to your email address upon request Please look through my blog posts and read the blog about my autistic nephew. I am eyewitness to a miraculous breakthrough using Kangen Water.

      Let me know if you want to hear more and if you have interest in Kangen Water. I would gladly assist with both.

      Blessings to you and your precious family!


      1. Hi Lynn,

        I never get tired of reading – lol! And i too am always looking for ways to make my life & family as healthy as possible. I’d like more information on the water and YES i’m always interested in reading about other warrior parents and their stories, trials and results. We are busy in the McNiel home. I have little ones and a little “big” boy (Navy Corpsman) who is in the military deployed to Afghanistan at this time. My husband is also an honorably discharged Airman – it’s in our blood. I feel bad that i haven’t posted on puzzled mommy for about a month or more – we had summer creep up on us along with IEP season, but i plan to post more often! I was intrigued when i came across your blog and the Kangen water you write about. I love water, so does my family and believe me, if it were to help out my son’s in any way – i’d use and continue to use it and spread the word as well. Please feel free to email me: – at any time!

      2. h2orevival says:

        I sent you a HUGE email. Hope you received it!

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