I Say We Put Humans FIRST!

I understand that I’m putting myself out there to be slaughtered by my animal lover friends, but I am compelled to make my case nonetheless.  I confess…I love this planet and I love animals but I love people  a whole lot MORE.   In my opinion, we spend a tremendous amount of time arguing over things that are potentially harmful to  “innocent” animals, but we don’t spend nearly enough time evaluating the long-term impact to human life.

For instance, why do pets have a vaccine for Lyme disease and people are suffering with this dreadful condition for YEARS?   Does it work?  If so, why hasn’t it been perfected for humans?  If not, why are pet owners standing in line to get the vaccine for their pets?   The latest human solution to the prevention of Lyme Disease is to spray chemicals on playgrounds and public parks to “protect” the children against  exposure to deer ticks.  Is that a joke?  Expose them to massive amounts of chemicals in an attempt to guard them from Lyme Disease?   It is common knowledge that Lyme Disease is passed along by the deer tick.  It is also common knowledge that exposure to pesticides are known to cause cancer.   Is it possible to come up with a viable solution that won’t harm Bambi?   I don’t consider exposing our children to concentrated amounts of pesticides to be a viable option.

My County is known to be the Lyme Disease capital of the world.  We have the highest rate of Lyme Disease of any other county in the nation.  It is truly and totally out of control here.  I personally know dozens  of people of all ages stricken with this horrible (and nearly incurable) disease.  We have a massive deer population here and not much hope of getting this situation under control without some sort of drastic measures.  So far it looks like the animals are winning.   In my opinion, their rights are most assuredly coming before the value of a human life.

Our County recently conducted a Lyme Disease task force meeting  where there was a very heated debate over a proposed method of reducing the infected tick population.  This method involved using feed of some sort to attract the deer to concentrated areas where they would be enticed to rub their necks against posts treated with tick repellent.    The animal lovers were very passionate  (and very outspoken) about the cruelty surrounding this approach because it  is too “risky” for the poor deer.  After all,  “they might get their antlers stuck between the posts” as they are rubbing against them.    Nix that idea…we’re off to spray the areas where our children play with toxic chemicals  instead.  Go figure.

I guess the “good  news” is that, although we’re not making a difference in the epidemic levels of Lyme disease here we have lots of beautiful animals to grace the countryside.

If you, or someone you know has Lyme disease, there is hope beyond years of antibiotics.  We are making great progress in the healing process of Lyme by flushing  the virus with pure Kangen Water…the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Ask me how at  h2orevival@gmail.com

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