Dr. Corinne Allen Validates Micro-ionized Water In Autism Protocol

Dr. Corrine Allen is a force to be reckoned with. She has had a profound impact on autism and she has become known throughout the world for her intense brain clinics where lives are being dramatically changed.   People from all walks of life, with various brain related conditions visit her clinic in Idaho, the Advanced Learning & Development Institute where results are nothing short of miraculous. From light therapy to trampolines…from organic food to ionized water attendees are remarkably “improved” in just a matter of days.

Inspired by her own child who was born with severe brain injury, Dr. Allen has made it her life mission to make a difference in the lives of all who suffer from brain related challenges.  Testimonials and recommendations from her clients are living proof that she is accomplishing her goal.  Hope is renewed one family at a time.

Dr. Allen boldly steps out to affirm and confirm that “…structured water (specifically  Kangen Water) aids and enhances water’s ability to hydrate cells making cell hydration more efficient,” Dr. Allen goes on to say, “[Water] may be the key ingredient to enzyme activity and function.” She also states that brain injury and dehydration go together. Many individuals suffering with autism drink little to no water.  Furthermore, “it isn’t possible to fully hydrate with regular water”.  Yet, when Kangen Water™ is introduced positive results for the brain increases by 35%. In fact, everything in an individual with autism spectrum disorder improves.

There are a multitude of ionizers on the market BUT there is only one alkaline ionizer that is being endorsed by medical experts AND there is only one that has been in used as a medical device in hospitals throughout Japan for almost 40 years.  Dr. Corrine Allen and MANY others exclusively recommend Kangen Water.  

There is more hope than ever before for every child afflicted with autism.  For more information about Kangen Water and/or to receive testimonials about the results of Kangen Water for autism (and other conditions) email us at h2orevival@gmail.com

Change Your Water…Change Your LIFE!

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