Too Many Fat People for the Mayor of New York?

Apparently Mayor Bloomberg isn’t very fond of overweight people.   He attributes his proposed ban on “sugary” drinks (over 16 ounces) on the fact that it is reported that healthcare costs for obese people is out of control.   What’s next?  No more double cheeseburgers?  I understand the need to balance all budgets but I fail to see anything rational about this step toward the fight against obesity.

Clearly Bloomberg doesn’t understand the greater health challenges nor does he understand that you can’t MAKE people stop drinking “sugary” drinks no more than you can stop people from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.  The last time I checked, those things are still legal.

Where does it stop?  There is a lot of physical damage being done that impacts the rising cost of healthcare  from the use of Aspartame in many “low calorie” options.  There is also reason to believe that bottled water is toxic.  “Don’t look now Bloomberg but you might be opening a real can of worms”.

Obviously Mayor Bloomberg won’t succeed in implementing this ban any more than Concord, Massachusetts will succeed in banning the sale of bottled water (although I’d LOVE to see that happen).  The McDonald’s and the Nestle’s of the world won’t sit back for this.  After all, there is more money being paid in taxes on these “sugary” drinks and toxic bottled water than there will ever be in healthcare.

As for me and my family, we make our own PURE Kangen Water and we use only BPA free bottles.   We’re saving money and we’re healthier for it.   Fascinating concept, isn’t it?

Change your water…Change your Life!

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