Get Your Head Out of the Toilet…Morning Sickness is a Simple Fix!

Since the beginning of time women have suffered from morning sickness.  Some of them so stricken with this horrific condition that they find themselves  in a state of severe dehydration and they end up in the local hospital  getting IV fluids.   Not good for Mommy…worse for baby….both desperately need to be hydrated.

I can’t imagine having to hug the toilet day after day after day.  It would be like having a severe case of a perpetual flu!   I count my blessings that I was one of the lucky ones that endured 4 pregnancies without one episode of morning sickness.

We are all very well aware of  the side effects of anti-morning sickness meds in the past so women today are basically left to suffer through the agony drug free.   It shouldn’t have to be that way!    Common sense tells me that if we focus on the cause…we can identify prevention.    After all, who needs pills if we understand prevention!

In a nutshell, the non scientific, non clinical explanation for morning sickness is that there is way too much acid in the stomach.  It’s that simple.  This is why women are advised to eat a few plain crackers first thing in the morning – an attempt to absorb some of the acid in the stomach to avoid the need to vomit.   Dry crackers may help absorb some of the acid but they are not the answer for an already dehydrated pregnant woman!

The answer?  Ionized, alkaline, hexagonal water.   Yes…it is that simple.  The high alkalinity of the water will immediately begin to balance out the acid in the stomach while the smaller molecule clusters (hexagonal) will enable the body to absorb the water right away so that hydration is immediately improved.   Also,  because this water is so quickly absorbed, it won’t be sitting in the stomach waiting to come back up!   Sound too simple for you to believe?  Don’t over complicate the human body.  Not everything needs a complex solution.

I am happy to share testimonial after testimonial of women who have tried this “miracle” water for morning sickness and were relieved immediately and never haunted by this condition again.  Go ahead…get your head out of the toilet.   Drink a few glasses and call me in the morning 🙂


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  1. Jack Stagman says:

    This is excellent. I passed onto my daughter Kerry who four months pregnant.

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