Autism – I Am Eye Witness To A Miraculous Breakthrough!

Last  August (2011) I took my Kangen water machine with me on family vacation.  There were 19 family members at our beach house ranging in age from 3 to 55.  My 6 year old autistic nephew drank Kangen water along with the rest of the family for the entire week.   His parents were excited to have the chance to offer him Kangen water because their physician in Orlando had recommended this water as part of his therapy.

In January of this year my nephew and his wife sat down to evaluate the various protocols they had tried for their son over the years and they thought about when he had been “at the top of his game”.  They both answered that question with the same response “at the beach when he had Kangen water”.  When they shared this with his grandmother (my sister) she immediately ordered a Kangen machine for them.  They received the machine in February of this year and the entire family has enjoyed this water since then.

Our family witnessed a true miracle in April when this little boy took the lead in a presentation at a Ranger Rick club meeting during “show and tell” time.  He volunteered to do his part, he stood in front of the group and he set out to teach the rest of the kids the continents!  He gave fabulous hints for each continent until the correct answer was given at which time he called the “winner” by name and praised them for providing the right answer!  How thrilling it must have been for his mom to witness this breakthrough!

This session was videotaped and it brings me to tears every time I watch it.   My niece wrote a “thank you” to grandma for blessing them with Kangen water and she went on to say that this is ALL that they’re doing at this time.  “Not gluten free, not dairy free…nothing but pure Kangen water”.

Our family is overjoyed!  Although these results may not be “typical”, we believe that Kangen Water is an absolute necessity as a primary protocol for those struggling with the effects of the autism.  After all, how can hydrating the brain and detoxing the body with the purest water on the planet NOT be a good thing?

The motto for this company is “Change your water…change your life”…nothing could be more true for us as a family.

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