Don’t Wash Your Veggies?

Do you take special care to wash your fruits and veggies before they are prepared to eat?  If you live on a public water supply system don’t bother.  You would be better served to wipe them off than you are to wash them.  Why?  Because pesticides are made to be water repellent, you won’t be removing them with tap water.   More importantly, you’ll be making matters worse.  Public water systems are laced with chemicals and LOTS of chlorine so that they can make sewage drinkable.  Yuck!  Many of your fruits and veggies are porous in nature and they will ABSORB much more than you’ll ever be able to wash off of them.  Scary, huh?

You can easily test this theory with chlorine drops.  Fill a small clear glass with tap water.  Add a few drops of chlorine tester (you can purchase this at Walmart in the pool section).  When you add the drops you’ll see that the water turns yellow because it is detecting the chlorine.  Next cut up an onion and add it to the water.  Stir it around so that the onion is fully exposed to the water and let it sit for a few minutes.  Next pour off the water into another clear glass.  You’ll see that the water is clear again which means that ALL of the chlorine has been removed from the water.  Where did it go?  This isn’t a magic trick…it’s just science.  The chlorine from your water was fully absorbed into the onion.  If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around this like I did, add drops to the water that you poured off of the onion and you’ll see that it won’t turn yellow again…there is no chlorine.  Sad but true.

So, what in the world can you do to remove pesticides IF you can’t afford to buy organic?   I use 11.5 Kangen water to wash and soak my fruits and veggies in.  The high pH level is so alkaline that it penetrates the pesticides and washes them clean and clear of ALL chemicals.  After that I go the extra mile and I rinse them in 2.5 Kangen water to kill all bacteria.  Nothing can survive 2.5 pH water…not e-Coli…not salmonella…nothing.

In my opinion, a Kangen water machine is the best investment anyone could make for their health.  In addition to creating the purest drinking water on the planet, you can adjust the pH levels to do LOTS of healthy things for you and your family.

Change your water…change your Life!  Ask me how –

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