Drink of Choice? Battery Acid!

If you’re reading beyond the title of this post you’re probably very curious about where I’m headed with this one. Actually, you don’t have to chase the rabbit too far to get to the bottom line. Our bodies are acidic. The worst part is that we voluntarily make them that way! We open our mouths and insert ACID with almost everything that we eat and drink today. You don’t think so? Before you eliminate yourself as a candidate for an acidic body award, I suggest that you read on.

Order a soda almost anywhere in America and you’ll most likely be offered free refills. Lucky us. We super size almost every drop that we drink and every morsel that we eat. Processed foods, perfectly shaped, hormone enhanced, pesticide coated vegetables…you name it we’ve got it. Yum! Even our schools have vending machines filled with unhealthy “treats” for our kids! Carbonated, aspartame laced drinks and artificially sweetened snacks. Every single one of these things can be linked (in some fashion) to every single epidemic behavioral problem we face with our children today ,but far be it from us to deny the next generation of all of the “luxuries” in life…even if it does kill them. After all, we wouldn’t want the schools to lose the profits from those vending machines now would we?

For the “health conscious” we have bottled water. Doesn’t it just warm the soul to purchase water in recycled plastic bottles all the while believing that we’re actually doing something good for ourselves? Is it brainwash or hogwash? Most bottled water is not regulated and comes directly from a local municipal water source just like your tap at home. Shocking? Research it yourself. You’ll soon realize why the soda companies started bottling water. It always comes down to making money (at all costs).

“Acid reflux”…the ailment of the decade. There should be no surprise here. After all, just what is your body supposed to do with all of the acid that you intake? Burning through your esophagus makes perfect sense to me. Your cup belly runneth over? If all of this talk about acid is too bold for your palate, perhaps you need to take a Tums and call me in the morning. By the way, how is that working out for you so far?

You wonder why I’m so worked up about acid? Before you tell me to “get a life” understand this. An acidic body is a breeding ground for cancer and every other chronic disease we suffer from. It really is that simple. Disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment but it THRIVES in an acidic environment. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg won the Nobel Prize for this discovery in 1923! I guess we’re slow learners, huh? It’s no wonder that the cancer rate in the USA is 1 in every 2 males and 1 in every 3 females and that we proudly hold position #38 for health and longevity in the world! Our self indulgence is killing us!

Wake up America…before it’s too late. Lower the acid, raise the alkaline and reduce the risk. The absolute best prescription for our national health care crisis!

CHANGE YOUR WATER…CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Ask me how @ h2orevival@gmail.com

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  1. Les SANDLES says:

    Im sorry, but this sort of rubbish doesn’t help our cause at all. One of the things that really galls me are the extravagant hallucinations about how this whole acid-base balance thing works. It is fascinating to me that the science of acid-base balance describes perfectly todays health epidemic, and also a compelling, logical path to the cure of 9 of the 10 leading causes of death and disease in all westernised countries. Scaremongering does not work. Education does! So rather than rant about what’s wrong, how about learning the science behind the real cause of disease, then educate about what’s right.
    Dr Les Sandles, PhD, founder perPHect balance

    1. h2orevival says:

      I’m sorry that you disagree with this post. My writing style is radical by design and, as a result, it does serve the purpose of raising awareness and making people LOOK for the science behind the topic(s). I’m not a doctor or scientist…I’m an advocate and writer. I’ll leave the science explanations up to those more qualified to explain it. As for me, I’ll keep “ranting” in an attempt to wake them up. Thanks for your input.

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