Dehydration…the root of ALL KINDS of Problems!

Each and every day we use up approximately 56-64 oz. of water in our daily life by breathing, eating, perspiring, moving, and removing wastes.  In other words, we use up 7-8 glasses (8 oz. each) of water just to exist.

Unfortunately, many of us may not be able to tell the difference in the signal for thirst from the signal for hunger. Many times we reach for food when we’re really in need of water!

Obviously a dry mouth is a signal of extreme thirst but did you know that low energy, irritability, and pain are also signals of thirst?  To make matters worse, our sense of thirst diminishes as we age.  It’s no wonder so many elderly people are dehydrated!

Unfortunately we overlook the cause of the problem and turn to other remedies for dehydration related issues. We may camouflage the problem with medications, etc., but the root cause still exists….your body needs water!

Here are some great ways that you’ll benefit from drinking optimal amounts of water:

1. Promotes easier weight loss

2. Relieves acid reflux and constipation

3. Improves food digestion and nutrient absorption

4. Enhances germ fighting ability of immune system

5. Catch fewer colds, flu and other infections

6. Improves memory and clearer thinking

7. Restores normal sleep patterns

8. Increases your ability to reach goals

9. Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

10. Makes skin smoother

11. Gives luster and shine to the eyes

12. Generates electrical and magnetic energy

13. Gives higher energy

14. Washes out toxic deposits in tissues

15. Improves flexibility

16. Normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol


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