Camp Lejeune water is toxic! Who warned our troops?

Some 75,000 Marines and their families at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina were exposed to toxic tap water that may have caused cancer and birth defects, as testified by federal health official s

Camp Lejeune’s water supply was polluted from 1957 until 1987 by TCE, a degreasing solvent, and PCE, a dry cleaning agent. The chemicals apparently came from a dry cleaning store near the base, according to the government.

What is the source of your water?  Are you blindly trusting that your water is good?  If so, why?

Your body is 70% water!  Don’t you think it’s time to take steps to be SURE that you’re drinking GOOD water?

Kangen Water (means “return to origin”).  The finest water on the planet.   We recommend the ONLY medical grade water machine on the market.

Want more info?  Email me @ h2orevival@gmail.com


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