Trapped Chilean Miners Drink Kangen Water!

When news first broke that  a groupof men were trapped in a Chilean mine and that it would likely take weeks to free them, former Miss Chile used her connections to get alkaline ionized water down to them!

After making initial contact with the Chilean government she was able to meet with the President.  With approval, he helped design a system to send alkaline ionized water down to the miners through a long tube from the surface.  Water was delivered through this system every day until they were finally rescued after 69 days under ground.  These miners were found to be in remarkable physical condition.   Although we all recognize that prayer works wonders,  this “miracle” water is attributed for their overall well being.

Water is NOT just water.   Drinking ionized alkaline water is the finest water in the world.

Change your water…change your life!  Don’t waste another day without the beneift of pure water.  Email me @ and I’ll pass along the details!  You could be drinking the finest water in the world in no time!

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