Cancer Number One Killer of Children?

It is reported that (on the average) 36 children are diagnosed with cancer EVERY DAY!  Wake up America!  What’s going on with our children?

I encourage you read “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk…What We Can Do Now”  (link below) the by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/National Institute of Health/National Cancer Institute as presented to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in 2009.  Admittedly this is NOT an easy read but it is filled with environmental causes for cancer.    Everything from the food that we eat that is laced with pesticides and chemicals to the water we drink that is filled with “approved” toxins used to make our water drinkable to radiation exposure from medical tests that are as common to us as candy bars.  Our government has been put on notice…they are well aware of the risks and they know what is killing Americans….when were they going to tell us?

I am on a personal mission to identify steps to PREVENT cancer.  We can’t stop eating the only food available to us…we can’t stop drinking water BUT we can get smart and WE CAN fight back for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

THE most important step that I’ve taken for my family is ionized alkaline water.  In addition to creating an alkaline environment internally (disease CANNOT live in an alkaline environment) we wash the stubborn pesticides off of our veggies, we rinse our chicken, fish and beef in 2.5 pH water to kill all bacteria and we use various levels of pH water to clean our home.  We have basically become “green” inside and out.  Sound ridiculous?  Ask the Japanese.  They are #1 for health in the WORLD (USA is #38) and they’ve been using ionized water for all of the reasons mentioned in our Presidential report for over 30 years!

Don’t sit back and watch the next generation rot from all of the things our generation has allowed to be introduced to our world.   I believe that if we KNOW the cause of cancer then we sure ought to be able to prevent it!

God bless America!

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